Dear Friend

You’ve been on my mind ever since I read your e-mail. Thank you for the updates and thank you for the congratulations.  On my end, life is hectic but I’m trying to make the best out of all situations, learning and growing every day. Everyone has reason to feel troublesome but know that happiness comes from within and therefor can never be lost. I just want to tell you to keep hope, and keep dreaming and wishing.

Sometimes we feel as though our dreams have not been fulfilled or goals not obtained, and then every time we think about these dreams or goals, our hearts fill with pain and our minds with fill with worry. I’ve learned that the best way is to be here in the now, appreciative and accepting of every single thing that is, emptying our hearts from pain and minds from worry. It took me many years to become this way, but as I said, every day is a step forward. I’ve learned that being here, now and constantly reminding myself of the things I am grateful for bring me in a state of bliss in which dreams can’t help but to manifest.

I might sound crazy, but I’ve learned more than I can handle these past few years. When a thought, dream or wish brings you to a blissful state, it is coming into your reality.

Be hopeful and happy, here, now.

Grateful and accepting, here, now.

And the world will be yours.

I love you, and wish that your dreams come true.


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