What Robin Williams’ death has to do with you.

Your friend posted something about Robin Williams and you read RIP in the comments and your heart skips a beat. You start looking at your social media network home page to see if anyone else is talking about this. Can it really be true? You find statuses pouring about the topic. Perhaps it’s another fake internet death so you search for more information until we have to face the truth that our favourite actor is gone. It hits home because we feel like we know him. We all grew up with Mrs. Doubtfire, and after all watching that movie at least a dozen times he ‘s become part our childhoods and lives forever. It’s not fair to describe his acting achievements with only one movie In which he cross dresses , but growing up whenever I saw Robin Williams in a movie I always thought of Mrs.Doubtfire. I’ll never forget my dad yelling to us from upstairs as we we’re playing in the basement “turn on channel 22! Madame Budwizer is on!” And we would laugh thinking we we’re so much smarter because we knew it was Doubtfire and not Budwizer .
Once you get past the initial shock of this man’s death , what I would really like us to focus on is the cause.
Experts are claiming that it was probably a suicide because he was severely depressed.
Let that sink for a moment . Severely depressed, endless awards, loved by fans, millionaire, successful …
Severely depressed.
I’m not going to try to describe depression , it’s causes and treatments in this single post , but I do want to raise some awareness about the issue. I also want to take the time to remind everyone that he had anything anyone could wish for, but he was unhappy. Take your grief for this man that we all loved and turn it into appreciation for all the good things in your life. Ambition is a great thing to have and it is good to want more , as long as we appreciate and are grateful for the present and everything that we have and are today. Seek happiness and love as much as you seek financial success. Invest your energies and appreciation into the present and live fully now not awaiting the next achievement . Robin Williams taught us many life lessons from his movies and now, in death he teaches us the biggest one yet. Appreciate your life, be happy with what you’re given and make the most of what you have.
Depression is a disease and it is not because we are rich and famous that we are spared from it. Although it doesn’t mean that we are ungrateful if we are depressed , gratitude is a means to reach happiness and happiness definitely helps avoid depression .
I know that, from now on, whenever I see Robin Williams on screen I will be reminded of the blessings in my own life and focus on being even happier today and now .
What better lesson could he have given us?
Thank you Mr.Williams and may you rest in peace.
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2 responses to “What Robin Williams’ death has to do with you.

  1. We watched “Aladdin” today with the kids, in remembrance of sorts, and as an homage to his comedic genius (he was the Genie after all)… It’s sad to think that he’s left this world, since the laughter he spread was so soothing when you needed it most! I agree that his ultimate achievement is to bring to light the horrible destruction depression can cause even amongst those that seem to have it all, and ultimately, the importance of being happy in life. Farewell Robin, you will be missed…


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