Jack’s phone, off territory ?

Found my husbands cell phone in the bathroom. To check or not to check?
Haha, that’s not even a question.
I’m always in it. Of course I know the password. Honestly the smartphone gives me a complete report of his week , he doesn’t even need to remember to tell me… ” Jack, you’re going out to watch the game tomorrow?”
Jack: ” ya , sorry I forgot to tell you, how did You know ? ”
Julie: ” I saw Chris’s text”
And my husband can access my phone anytime. Not that we’re checking each other, but I think that the phone is too big of a thing to keep private from your spouse. So I came across his phone in the bathroom, I open it and find that he was in the middle of a crossword puzzle. So of course my first reflex is to try to complete it so that he can be impressed when he comes back to it.
Ok, 52 across, Russian river or mountain range.
Ok this is boring.
So of course the next best thing to do is to completely sabotage the whole thing and fill the boxes with random words.
Ya, that’s fun.
Here goes.
Filling up the boxes with random words while laughing a loud and evil laugh. I’m enjoying this more than I thought I would.
Oh he’s going to flip out.
Can’t wait!



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