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How to get a 20 month old to leave you alone for 2 minutes.

I’m trying to do something on the computer. A2 won’t let me. She found out about the Power button on the laptop so she can be dangerous while you’re working.

She already turned it off once and now she’s going for it again.

So I reach in the air.

“Oh look at the birdie! I’m going to catch it”

I pretend I did and hold my hands in bowl shape.

“Can you give it to Daddy, but please be careful”

She reaches out and opens her hands. I gently place the imaginary bird in her hands and she leaves.

Now I can get some work done.

“Julie I’m hungry!” It’s Jack.

Just eat the bird!

Today A1 asked “How come it’s always the mommies who cook the food?”

Ahhh..where to start my child?


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You get to choo…

You get to choose your emotions. I choose happy. And so I am.

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May 18, 2013 · 4:00 pm