Take it like a sign.

One of those nights again. I kept tossing and turning until I decided to come downstairs for a while. My mind is starting to race again. I was good for a while, the more I mediate the less my mind races, especially at night. Lately I haven’t been mediating as much. The kids all around all day and by the time they sleep I’m either knocked out fully dressed or forcing myself to stay awake. I have to get back to it. I know the benefits it will bring me.
I like to take things as they come and follow signs life gives me. Sometimes things happen and we need to just go with it, it’s truly futile to resist or keep reacting to something that has already happened. This morning I decided to take the little ones to day care for a few hours in order to pick up the clutter and perhaps get some work done. We took our time, fed them breakfast, clothed them, packed their bags… – – Everybody outside!
– Where’s your sister?
– Where’s your other shoe?
– Don’t eat that ant!
– Ok girls, whoever is ready sit on the bench.
– Mommy’s going to go get the keys.
– Mommy can’t find her keys…
– Oh ya, mommy’s keys are locked inside mommy’s car.
Ok we can’t go to daycare today…
Instead, I put them in a wagon and took them to the nearest public pool, they were all three in life jackets, clung to my neck for dear life, after that we got lost on our way home but they think we went on a long stroll. They ate and drank on the way; we discovered a new water front park and a stream. Finally got home where we all napped.
Kinda glad I locked my keys in the car.
We sometimes get caught up in our routines and forget our priorities. Maybe my house is still cluttered but I know that I went all out on the parenting scale today.
Take the time to be with your kids. The house chores can wait.



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