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Today, Here, Now: June 16, 2014

Sometimes my fingers and knees quiver in the middle of the day from overwhelming electric excitement I feel. I’m not sure how to explain in but I’ve trained myself to be in the moment, really and truly in the moment. It’s easier said than done, but with about a year of constant practice, I sometimes find myself effortlessly in a timeless space. Right here, right now, with not one regret about the past and not one worry about the future. It’s true bliss, and it is here that everything is possible. This energy is what we are made of and what we are made for. It feels so right and so true. I know that this is what we are supposed to be because I see the effects it has on my body, my mind, my heart, my all. I see how feeling this happy and this excited about life’s every moment places everything in a perfect harmonious alignment for me.

When I am happy and complete, I have the power to make my loved ones happy and complete.

As a mother, I feel that I owe it to my children to find out how to be a better person, to apply it and to become it, in order to teach it to them and give my life a purpose.

This is how I feel today; on a journey of self-discovery and self-growth. It doesn’t really matter where it will lead me, because it has already led me here.

I feel torn between taking the time to express it and actually being it.

That last statement is a very profound one for me and might need a post of its own.



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Surviving Motherhood: Thank you for the Barbie up my…

Kids are in bed, the game is on and I’m lying down on the couch. I can clearly feel at least three different toys under me. The floor around me is covered in toys, the sink is full and there’s so much laundry to be folded that I don’t know where to start. Problem with all this is that I did clean the house today, I did dishes, even laundry but by the time the day is over  toys are back where they started, sink is full to the top again and there’s even more laundry to do now.

So what am I doing now?

I am exhausted, waiting for the game to end to spend some quality time with the husband. Got a good 15 minutes of meditation in the meantime.

What about the mess?

I’ll take care of it tomorrow, it’s a part of our reality and there’s no point in me fighting it.

Not only have I completely accepted the toys, the mess, the drawings on the walls, but I have also completely surrendered myself to the joy they bring me. I am so blessed to be surrounded with these loving children and I am honored to have the responsibilities life has given me. I work on myself every day  to be sure to be the happiest and strongest  I can be. These kids deserve a happy mom.

Gratitude is my main tool. Having children, among other things, can play with your hormonal balance and effect your emotions. Not only can it make you moody, but it can make you question your life purpose. Have I reached all my set objectives? Is this kind of life meant for me? What about my career? Am I going to be stuck here forever…? All these thoughts can creep up on us and blind us towards the blessings that surround us.

Gratitude, is step one.

Remind yourself of what you are grateful for. I do it all the time, out loud. I’ve now started to do it with the kids.

Do it in the car, in the shower, anytime, all the time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Name all the people and things you are grateful for. Start with whatever is around you in the moment.

Thank you for a warm home, thank you for my health,  thank you for the love I have in my life…

Expressing gratitude brings you back to the now. Right here, right now. It takes you away from tomorrow’s worries and yesterday’s pains. Gratitude is your vehicle to the now. Not only does it bring you here, but it makes you happy.  When you are grateful, you automatically start emitting positive vibrations, a positive aura that will attracts positive things into your life.

The now is the only place to be. The future is in our imaginations and the past in our memories. The only time that truly exists is now.

Be grateful , try it. You will see, great things will happen.

So, what are you grateful for right now?

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