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So he wants me back.

Juicy title huh? Sounds like I’ve got a dating life…. Well I don’t.
I’m happily married and with 3 kids, keeping a love life alive can be a challenge. But nothing is impossible!
And it’s easier than you think. Last week when I was on The Uncle Mike Show, a viewer e-mail asked: do you still have time for romance?
And my reply was something along the lines of : “it takes little time for a lot of romance ” and the host of the show our dear Uncle Mike, jumped to conclusions and assumed I was talking about sex. Short lasting sex.
Well, that wasn’t at all what I meant. I meant it doesn’t take time to have romance because romance is a glance, an understanding, a look, a touch….
A sex life is important too but that will have to be the topic of another post… In another blog….
All this said….so he wants me back, I meant Uncle Mike, he had me on his show last week and he wants an encore.
Only one way to find out if last week’s success was a first timers luck…. I’m learning as I go….
You can catch last weeks episode on http://www.theunclemikeshow.com that specific episode is called Julie talk ruins Uncle Mike.
Ruin is a bit of a harsh word! Ruining anyone are never my intentions…
So we’ll see tonight if he’s done his homework. I have to prepare a Julie talk trivia for him, if you have suggestions for questions email me at julietalk@live.ca
Ill take any help I can get.


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