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Just a little Monday night chatter.

It’s 10:15 pm . Kids are in bed and Jack is watching the game. You might be thinking : but the Habs aren’t playing tonight . it’s the Stanley cup finals and Jack’s watching all of the games . I’m sitting on the couch next to him tapping away on my phone writing this post. The kitchen is a mess , I just finished making Jacks supper, the sink is full, the counters are loaded but I am done, finished, kaput, dead tired. Today was non stop. From the am daycare and school drop offs, to work and pickups we (I) had the bright idea of taking all three kids to Cosco after school today. We filled two carts to the top and spent a fortune, by the end of it all I had A2 literally hanging from my neck, A3 throwing everything out of the Cart and poor A1 just trying to do damage control. At some point I lost jack then found him waiting at cash number 14 , I obviously cut in line to join him. Except my cart was full and I got many bad looks. I then took A3 out of the cart seat to entertain the people who we’re waiting behind us, she waddled around, waved hello to everyone and when I felt that the mad looks had softened up I gathered the kids, left jack there with two full carts and sat the kids down for ice cream.
” who you texting ” jack’s asking right now.
You think he would learn by now.
He’s yelling at me for something now, I’m not to sure what it’s about. A check I was supposed to deposit or something… I have three kids with me most of the time,can you imagine stopping at the bank to deposit a check? I rather live without that money and not have to take them all out only to lose 10 minutes negotiating for them to get back Into their car seats when we’re done. “I’m going to count to three and if you’re not in your seats leaving you here” obviously that doesn’t even phase them. I’ve also taught my husband not to expect me to fill up gas. There’s no way I’m doing that, hell breaks lose if I step out of the car long enough for them to start pinching each other. Heck they don’t even need me out to do that, the moment I take a phone call while in the car they know I’m not focused on them and it starts .
“Mom! My sister’s imitating me”
“Imitate her back!” I say! Then I get back to my business call.
You know I could go on forever, but Jack needs a little TLC. For once that I’m not knocked out..
Of you catch typos, try to read through them, I’ll correct them tomorrow .


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The game and the blog will have to wait.

I’m trying to be positive, but it’s not working right now. I’m sitting in front of the lap top that I had to fight for! We put the kids to bed and by the time I made it down the stairs, I realized Jack was already in the basement watching the recorded game. The kids were still yelling, the kitchen floor was covered in food and the family room looked like three kids had gone wild in it five minutes ago.

I took a look around and realized the bag of chips was missing along with the laptop. Jack was probably all set up downstairs, watching the game and checking his hockey pool with one hand, with the other hand buried deep in that bag of chips.

When I finally made it to the basement I had to wrestle him for the laptop. As soon as I sit down to start a post, we hear A3 in the baby monitor. Now the silent argument starts. Who’s going to get up? We stare each other down, we’re both mentally cursing at each other. I got up. Went upstairs to find A3 rolled up in her blanket, holding the crib bars while looking out of them, like some kind of sad prisoner. We know the drill by now. Pull the crib forward of an inch, hear the pacifier fall, lie down flat on the floor, tap in all directions to feel the thing, grab it, rinse it, stick it back into her mouth until next time. I go to check on A1 and A2, A1 is asleep and A2 is standing in her crib. “I pooped in my diaper” she said. I know she didn’t poo, because if she did, let’s just say, you can’t miss it! A two year old eats, drinks and poops normally, if you know what I mean. Now, I’m not sure why she says that she pooped, does she confuse pee for poo? Or does she know we’ll definitely change her if its poo and that will give her a chance to escape the crib. I check her diaper, no poo. “It’s not poo, its peepee ” I tell her. “Go back to bed”. You wouldn’t imagine the number of times you say the words “peepee” and “Poopoo” in one day, when you have kids.

I come back downstairs, the moment I sit down, we hear A2 crying through the monitor and now she’s woken A3 up again. “Your turn Jack”. Jack goes upstairs and 5 seconds later I hear him calling for me through the monitor. I go upstairs to find him changing A2’s diaper…she got him. I go attend to A3, while I hear A2 arguing with her father “I want mom!”. Jack and I switch positions. I take A2 back to her crib.

A2: “The sun’s sleeping?”

Me: “Yes”

A2: “I want to see”

So I take her towards the window and as I do I see the biggest smile on her face. She’s just happy she’s not heading to the crib. I show her the moon; explain to her that the sun is sleeping and that she should too… back to her crib.

A2: “But I didn’t wave goodbye to the cats”

ME: “Not this time! No cat! No shmat! You’re going to bed”

A2: “Ok then, I want another milk”

As I leave A2’s room, I see Jack leaving A3’s room.

“She throws away the pacifier while looking into my eyes! She playing with me man! She doesn’t take me seriously! “

He’s talking about his 10 month old daughter. Imagine what will happen when she turns 15.

We come back downstairs, and 2 minutes later, A3’s crying again. Who’s turn is it now? We figure, we should to let her cry for a bit, she has to learn. 5 minutes later, Jack can’t take it anymore and he gets up.

I’m watching him right now through the monitor, he did the pacifier routine, and now he’s stroking her hair while gently talking to her.

He went up, and it wasn’t necessarily his turn, to me, this is romance.

Sure it’s hard with three kids, we don’t get a moment to ourselves, they drive us up the walls and we empty our anger on each other. But once in a while a little gesture is all it takes to show each other, that after all, we’re on the same team.

She’s still crying, I better go up there and give him a hand.

The game and the blog will have to wait.



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This gave me an idea for a future post…

 Kids are asleep; Jack is watching the game upstairs. He’ll probably come down at the commercial.

I can hear A1 “Mom! I can’t sleep!”. I’ll let Jack deal with her.

All it takes is for you  to let the “I can’t sleep” or “I had a bad dream” slide one time and it’s over. Same goes for everything else. We’re not cruel, if they really can’t sleep or had a bad dream we do what we gotta do, but when they come down saying “I had a bad dream” 45 seconds after you’ve put them to bed, usually that’s a good hint that they’re faking.

Jack was unloading the dishwasher during the first period. Now that’s love. Our Hockey team is eliminated from the playoffs but it doesn’t mean there’s going to be less hockey watching until the end of the playoffs. I’m praying that no one scores while he’s busy doing something for me. Or else it will be the end of me…

And they score!

He came running to the TV. “That’s why they have replays.” I said. “It’s not the same!” he replied, then grabbed a pillow and threw it straight into my face and went back to the dishwasher.

Such a simple creature…

I wish throwing a pillow would be enough to calm me down.

“Hmm, this is interesting” I just murmured to myself.

Jack: What’s interesting? (He’s here now)

I’m not even going to attempt to explain it to him, for his attention is already back into the game.




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