Just a little Monday night chatter.

It’s 10:15 pm . Kids are in bed and Jack is watching the game. You might be thinking : but the Habs aren’t playing tonight . it’s the Stanley cup finals and Jack’s watching all of the games . I’m sitting on the couch next to him tapping away on my phone writing this post. The kitchen is a mess , I just finished making Jacks supper, the sink is full, the counters are loaded but I am done, finished, kaput, dead tired. Today was non stop. From the am daycare and school drop offs, to work and pickups we (I) had the bright idea of taking all three kids to Cosco after school today. We filled two carts to the top and spent a fortune, by the end of it all I had A2 literally hanging from my neck, A3 throwing everything out of the Cart and poor A1 just trying to do damage control. At some point I lost jack then found him waiting at cash number 14 , I obviously cut in line to join him. Except my cart was full and I got many bad looks. I then took A3 out of the cart seat to entertain the people who we’re waiting behind us, she waddled around, waved hello to everyone and when I felt that the mad looks had softened up I gathered the kids, left jack there with two full carts and sat the kids down for ice cream.
” who you texting ” jack’s asking right now.
You think he would learn by now.
He’s yelling at me for something now, I’m not to sure what it’s about. A check I was supposed to deposit or something… I have three kids with me most of the time,can you imagine stopping at the bank to deposit a check? I rather live without that money and not have to take them all out only to lose 10 minutes negotiating for them to get back Into their car seats when we’re done. “I’m going to count to three and if you’re not in your seats leaving you here” obviously that doesn’t even phase them. I’ve also taught my husband not to expect me to fill up gas. There’s no way I’m doing that, hell breaks lose if I step out of the car long enough for them to start pinching each other. Heck they don’t even need me out to do that, the moment I take a phone call while in the car they know I’m not focused on them and it starts .
“Mom! My sister’s imitating me”
“Imitate her back!” I say! Then I get back to my business call.
You know I could go on forever, but Jack needs a little TLC. For once that I’m not knocked out..
Of you catch typos, try to read through them, I’ll correct them tomorrow .


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