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My Saturday night

Now he just told me it’s not Saturday night.
Ok so let’s start this again.


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Julie’s Kitchen Diaries

Finally released. Julie’s Kitchen Diaries Episode 1 features special guest Ara Ekmekdjian aka Chef Zona.


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Open Doors: Who still goes to church?

open doors1Open Doors

A2’s day care is stuck to our community church, and now that they’ve locked the daycare side entrance door you have no choice but to go through the main entrance and walk past the open doors of the church. I feel guilty to just walk by it and not go in for a moment. I feel like I’ll be cursed if I just walked by. Especially that A1 is with me every day during that part of our daily routine. Maybe the side doors being locked are the local priest’s strategy to bring us closer to the church. Now that’s slick. I can say that I’m pretty lost in my spiritual identity but I know that being raised with religion gave me a certain peace of mind as a child. I was taught to pray and used it in time of need. Sure I might’ve prayed for the teacher not to check my homework or for that bully to leave me alone in the school bus, but I had something there, something to give me hope and keep my spirits high. I want my children to have at least that. Something to sooth them or ease their pain when they’re on their own. So every day we walk into church and take a moment. Every day we walk in and I take the time to be grateful and think about what I really want from myself. Honestly sometimes I just stand there soaking in the silence. Today I asked for… I didn’t know what to ask for… So many things on my mind…

I asked to want less.

I asked, please lord, help me want less.


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What should a woman really expect from a family man? Men please refrain from reading.

What should a woman really expect from a family man? Men please refrain from reading.
I am a mother of three and I’m barely holding on. How in the world did those moms manage to raise half a dozen kids back in the day? They raised those kids with practically no help from their husbands. How did they do it without losing their sanity? Or perhaps had they all gone insane and that somehow had become the norm? They did it all without relying on their husbands and yet there’s no way I can handle three on my own. Sure we’re the working generation, women work now. We live in a time where marital roles are shifting.

When the evening comes both parents are exhausted and this is where most arguments start. As per the tradition the woman is still expected to take care of the house work and most of us do. Some men step up to the plate and help out but why should it even be called helping out if the responsibility belongs to both. I’m not complaining, I’m just describing.

I was at a kid’s birthday party last week and a short conversation with the moms revealed that we’re mostly all going through the same thing. We take it all on our shoulders. The work, the kids, the house…all of it. My man helps me a lot, but all those details that need to be tended to are still handled by mom.

Is it gym day? What’s in the lunch box? What’s for supper? Are the vaccinations up to date? What about the dr’s appointments? What’s happening with the school project? Did you get a gift for the Saturday birthday? We have a wedding next month who’s watching the kids? Are the back packs ready? What’s for dinner? The list is endless…

I’ve finally realized that it’s not all the work that has brought me to exhaustion but that it’s this endless mind race that has brought me to this point, always something to think about, there’s always something to figure out. Between the kids and the home, it feels like it would take a full time administrative manager to figure it all out.

But what we truly have to keep in mind is that all this mayhem is temporary. Soon enough they will be a little more grown up and although we’ll be faced with a whole new set of teenage problems perhaps they will be less dependent of us and we might have more time to think about ourselves.IMG_6973

In the case of the mommy that needs daddy’s help, I would say it is good to get your man to help but make sure you don’t ruin a marriage over this issue. I’m going to go out and say it, as much as the man might help, we as women are the only ones who can really run this show. Make sure daddy takes care of mommy so that mommy can take care of the rest. Expect your man to take care of you. Only of you, set low expectations… it always turns out better that way.

Expect love from your man and nothing more. This will pay off in the long run, because when your children are grown up only you and this man will be left with this marriage. As much as we love them, men will never really understand what it is like to be a mother. And we will never understand what it’s like to be a husband to a crazed woman who expects so much from you.

Sometime last year I learned the secret to getting love from your man. A woman needs love, nothing more, we don’t really need the man to help us, we don’t really need him to know that gym clothes need to be washed by Wednesday and that back packs have to include blankets on Mondays. We just need them to hold us, kiss the back of our necks and tell us we’re beautiful in our pyjamas, with our tired eyes and messy hair.

I learned the secret to getting love last year and it has changed my life. Sure we we’re happily married but ever since I’ve applied this secret tensions and arguments have practically disappeared. This secret is hard to accept at first, especially if you’re a hardworking, money earning, home managing, all in control kind a mom…(just like me.)

The secret is respect.

The woman needs love and the man needs respect.

We need to pump up that balloon… give him the manly respect he deserves. Fake it if you got to, but just do it! A man doesn’t need love; he needs his wife to respect him. At first we women see that as condescending or degrading…why should I respect him?? We’re equals! He should respect me too! Sure, those were my initial thoughts…until I took this method to practice.

Stroke his ego; tell him what a great job he’s doing. Thank him for his help. Say sorry more often. Treat him with more respect and watch his love grow. It might feel out of character at first and you might get the “what’s up with you lately ?” comment. I sure did.

Caution! Do not tell him about your strategy, you will lose all credibility.

It’s ok if he can’t do as much as you do. You should only expect so much from yourself.

We can do most of it on our own, but that love part…we still need them for that.

Treat your man with more respect and expect love in return.

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A 15% Christmas

Chest nuts roasting over the open fire except We don’t have a fire place and even if we did who would lite it? Beautiful lights decorating the streets taking me on a guilt trip for not having opened the outdoor lights box I bought two years ago. People already sipping on hot chocolate while we’re all sipping on Amoxicillin .Christmas trees standing Tall in all of the windows reminding me that we haven’t put up our tree yet, entirely. We’re literally 15% there. My inner holy jolly Christmas spirit is being overpowered by the holy moly I’m exhausted mode. To all mommies barely making it, I wish you some sleep and an extra long shower for the holidays.
Take a look at this … A third of the tree with one single ornament hung by A2. That’s 15% wouldn’t you say?
Jack disagrees, he says 33%


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Nails, Toes and Chocolate Cake.

It’s almost 10 pm on a Tuesday night and I’m sitting at the edge of A2’s bed. If I move…it’s over, she will get up and sleep routine will start all over again. A1 shares the room and I can hear her nibbling on her finger nails.

“A1, stop biting your nails” I just whispered.

“but you bite yours” she quickly replied without hesitating.

She’s right and I don’t know what to tell her now.

Lately I’ve gotten back to my old bad habit of biting my nails and if you’ve ever been a nail bitter you’ll truly understand when I say I’ve bitten them so much and gone so far that my fingers hurt. I got up and took an Advil for my finger pain in the middle of the night last night cause I couldn’t sleep.  I know there’s worse to life than pain at the tip of my finger I’m not complaining , I’m just describing.

A1 is six now and she doesn’t hesitate to tell me what’s what.She calls me out on everything.

“How come you get to eat cake before supper” she said today as I was literally stuffing my mouth with a piece of chocolate cake standing over the sink. Where do I start explaining?

Look here little girl, mommy spends all day at work, then picks your little butts up from school every single day, one by one, stands outside in the snow, the rain and the cold, drives you home while you all nag and fight in the car, finally she gets home, empties the car of all the backpacks, and snow suits and gym bags and school projects…wow such a nice drawing, now where am I going to put this one, next to the other 346 you have? Then she goes back to the car to find your little sisters barefoot. Every single day, barefoot. What’s the deal with these toddlers? They seriously can’t wait till we get home to start picking out linen from their toes? Put their socks back on their feet, bend down to find their boots, man what a throw these little hands have… how did the boots get so far, reach the boots, work up a sweat, get back to their feet, they’ve taken their socks back off!!! WHY!!!!! PLEASE GOD!!! Mommy gives up and carries one baby in, comes back out carries baby two in, then comes back out for you only to find the mess they’ve left on their car seats, Cherrios, string cheese, apple slices everywhere, no time to clean A2 and A3 are inside by themselves, hurry in. Once inside, put Dora, No Angelina Ballerina, No Passe-Partout. No Dora no nothing get your homework! Then mommy stares inside the fridge for a few minutes hoping for the Holy spirit to intervene. No divine intervention. Then she cooks supper while your sisters dangle from her crotch area “Pick me up”, “No pick me up”, cutting board, boiling water, perfectly safe environment, “A1 write your words!”,”matin”, “soir”,”stop hitting your sister”, “no don’t write that”, mommy needs a break and since that’s not an option, SHE CAN HAVE CHOCLATE CAKE BEFORE SUPPER!

I’m still sitting on the edge of the bed, they’re asleep now. I can leave the room now…

I still didn’t have supper tonight. Where’s that chocolate cake?


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JulieTalk Live Montreal’s new weekly most ruthless online broadcast.

If you still haven’t caught an episode , here’s your chance. Julietalk brings topics to the table and hosts no limit conversations finally allowing truths to come out and lessons to be learned.
Be part of the fun, tune in.

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JulieTalkLive Montreal Weekly Live Broadcast

JulieTalkLive is a positively charged show bringing a real, honest and raw perspective on different aspects of life. This week’s episode features Dwayne Hanley artist and creator of and his loving wife Ani Hanley who taught us a couple of real life lessons. Their general take on life is inspirational and exemplary. Tune in Thursday nights on at 10:30 to watch live episodes or catch the episodes in the JulieTalk Live archives. Watch episode 23 found below .

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Sourp-Kevork Laval Armenian Church organizes outdoor Armenian Brunch.

Today we took the family to an Armenian outdoor brunch organized by the Sourp-Kevork Laval Armenian Church. I had seen a flyer and thought to myself, one less meal to figure out, outdoor event, space for the kids to run wild and a food break for me…I’m in!

When we got there, we parked further away because A2 loves to walk to places, so we park the car far and she can feel like we walked there. Even from where we were, we could already smell the fresh Manaish. We were wondering how could the smell travel so far until we got there and realized they were making them fresh on the spot.

If you missed it, well, you missed out.

Here’s a little glimpse of it.

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JulieTalk Live New Montreal Online Radio Show growing daily.

JulieTalk Live Online Radio Show Episode 16 is called The Right Wine and The Wrong Wife.

Just like every week, we have no idea of the content of the show until we go on live and just “talk things out” sometimes there is a good outcome and other times it’s just crazy. Views are growing in numbers and we’re starting to realize that we perhaps should start being a little more careful about what we’re putting out there.

Truth is, with the hectic life of being a mother of three and full times worker, planning ahead of time for the content of the show is truly impossible. We will have to continue to just wing it and let truths come out as they will.

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At your own risk

From now on whenever we get into someone’s car I will have to make them sign a waver.
If you accept us into your car … You are risking this.


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JulieTalk Live: online Radio Show

Episode 15: Tuning Up Sticks and Balls.

As usual , we’re trying to hold a civil program but the subjects always shift towards anything we shouldn’t be talking about. Sticks and balls… And baby powdering your balls.
Golf balls of course!!
Check out this episode and feel free to be a part of the action by e-mailing questions, comments or guest suggestions at

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JulieTalk VLog#3

Another day another vlog. Honestly when I started to post youtube videos I thought to myself I’ll just make videos when I get interesting thoughts. (interesting in my own standards) I thought some funny stuff is bound to come out. But it’s actually not funny at all… I’m sharing my daily lessons, I don’t know exactly where I’m going with this, but I encourage you to try something new without having it all necessary figured out.

Today’s vlog talks about dealing with people we don’t like. We can claim to be saints, but we’re all guilty of knowing someone we don’t necessarily like.So here’s a little thought to clear our channels and be happier in our day to day lives.

Live everyday fully. Learn a lesson daily.

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Julietalk vlog#2

Sure I’m here talking about finding happiness and making sense of things. But the truth is, I’m just as lost as anyone out there seeking for answers. I get anxiety, negative thoughts and stress and I try to deal with it in the best way that I can. After a summer home with my tots, I’m headed back to work next week. The thought of it kept creeping up in my head and I couldn’t help but feel anxiety towards it. Then something happened, some of my girl friends put together a girls night out for an upcoming evening. It turns out to be the evening of my first day back, and suddenly something shifted inside me and I learned how To deal with some anxiety in a new way. Here’s me trying to share it.

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Julietalk live episode 14: Riots, rectums and chicken feet.

I know the titles are ridiculous, but this is the only way they can represent the content of the episode. Episode 14 features our guest Baba Ghanoum of which we could not get enough of. Also on the show, lil’ miss hot flash bringing us up date on the current dating scene. Feel free to leave comments and to share.


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A blog, a show, so why not a vlog.

I’m sitting at home now, just got home from the studio. We shot episode 14 of JulieTalk Live. What I learned on this episode was to trust myself. Yes I learn lessons on my own show. I’m perhaps the one who learns the most.

We talked about trusting ourselves and stepping away from limiting self doubts. Sure I have self doubt about the show, but I try to overcome it. I try to not let doubt, fear or anything negative limit me. If there’s something that you want to try to do, I say do it! Go for it. Don’t expect to be discovered if you still haven’t discovered yourself.

Whatever you’re doing, or want to be doing doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be done, and put out there. Plant a seed and watch. Perhaps it will grow, and perhaps it won’t, but you’ll never know unless you try.

Sometimes I get an overwhelming feeling, and I have a sudden urge to write a post. Sometimes I just want to share a moment with the world. And sometimes I feel that interrupting that moment to write a post defeats the purpose. So today, as I had one of those moments, I made a vlog out of it.

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What Robin Williams’ death has to do with you.

Your friend posted something about Robin Williams and you read RIP in the comments and your heart skips a beat. You start looking at your social media network home page to see if anyone else is talking about this. Can it really be true? You find statuses pouring about the topic. Perhaps it’s another fake internet death so you search for more information until we have to face the truth that our favourite actor is gone. It hits home because we feel like we know him. We all grew up with Mrs. Doubtfire, and after all watching that movie at least a dozen times he ‘s become part our childhoods and lives forever. It’s not fair to describe his acting achievements with only one movie In which he cross dresses , but growing up whenever I saw Robin Williams in a movie I always thought of Mrs.Doubtfire. I’ll never forget my dad yelling to us from upstairs as we we’re playing in the basement “turn on channel 22! Madame Budwizer is on!” And we would laugh thinking we we’re so much smarter because we knew it was Doubtfire and not Budwizer .
Once you get past the initial shock of this man’s death , what I would really like us to focus on is the cause.
Experts are claiming that it was probably a suicide because he was severely depressed.
Let that sink for a moment . Severely depressed, endless awards, loved by fans, millionaire, successful …
Severely depressed.
I’m not going to try to describe depression , it’s causes and treatments in this single post , but I do want to raise some awareness about the issue. I also want to take the time to remind everyone that he had anything anyone could wish for, but he was unhappy. Take your grief for this man that we all loved and turn it into appreciation for all the good things in your life. Ambition is a great thing to have and it is good to want more , as long as we appreciate and are grateful for the present and everything that we have and are today. Seek happiness and love as much as you seek financial success. Invest your energies and appreciation into the present and live fully now not awaiting the next achievement . Robin Williams taught us many life lessons from his movies and now, in death he teaches us the biggest one yet. Appreciate your life, be happy with what you’re given and make the most of what you have.
Depression is a disease and it is not because we are rich and famous that we are spared from it. Although it doesn’t mean that we are ungrateful if we are depressed , gratitude is a means to reach happiness and happiness definitely helps avoid depression .
I know that, from now on, whenever I see Robin Williams on screen I will be reminded of the blessings in my own life and focus on being even happier today and now .
What better lesson could he have given us?
Thank you Mr.Williams and may you rest in peace.
Share if you care.



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