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Overwhelmed Mama

Monday July 25,2016

There was a time in my life when I thought I knew a lot. Then I discovered how wrong I was.

It’s a mid-summer Monday afternoon and I’ve put all A’s down for naps. Well, I use to put them down for naps, now I order them to go to bed, they don’t listen, I yell a bit, then I use my low finger pointing scary voice while holding my jaw shut very tight so I sound really angry… I have to scare them a little.

And I tell them “If I come back and I see one head lifted from the pillow I’m really going to get mad!”. And leave and go downstairs. At this point I know I have 14 minutes tops before they start sneaking out of bed. What’s the first thing I should do?! Laudry YES! A1 just came back from 5 day scout camp, there is a hockey bag in my living room, filled with dirty, I mean real dirty stuff. Or maybe write a post on my blog ?

As you can see I went for the post. And actually 14 minutes have long passed and I’m cutting mr.Freeze bags for A2 and A3 in the living room…

And A3 is ordering a “Bay-Daid” for her pretend bobo.

I keep thinking I have to end this post but they always seem to always calm back down. Now A2 is teaching A3 a song. At this point I have cookies and mr.freeze on the living room couches and I’m just trying not to lose my cool.

IMG_1003 I’m trying to stay calm to actually enjoy the their stillness. Sure they’re making a mess but at least they are quiet. If I start talking loud and waving my hands around they’re gona get nervous and I’m going to have to deal with cries and tantrums. Sometimes I feel the more invisible I am the calmer they are. Grand-parents and teachers speak of their great behavior yet with me… they are a whole other thing. I’m thinking I must be the problem.

Today I’m learning to focus on the moment. I learned that I need to take care of myself first in order to truly understand how to best serve my family. How can I become a better mother, a better lover, a better friend? It’s all in the same way, by Becoming a better person. How to become a better person?

Start by calming down.











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You know what I’m talking about?

I make efforts all day to quiet my mind. I have One of those minds that just races, plans, compares, analyses, studies, questions…. It doesn’t stop . I catch myself actually saying “shut up! ” out loud.
Don’t assume that I’m crazy. I used to be that mind, now I’m the one watching that mind and thinking “sheish it doesn’t stop!” . If you ask me , I’m already one step ahead in the game of life. I am Learning and growing everyday. Becoming more and more conscious of things, mainly about myself. I still have a life time of learning to do, but it’s a start. How did all this start?
Meditation and yoga.
Yoga gurus swear on the importance of daily practice but what they insist on is the importance for parents to practice.
You can not become a better parent, a better wife , better son, better sister, brother…. You can only become a better human being.
I’ve been doing this for almost a year now and it has helped broaden my perspective in ways I can not describe. Only those who know what I’m talking about, know what I’m talking about.
You know what I’m talking about?


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